Let’s play a game, shall we?

To play, grab your favourite beverage and take a drink if you HAVE ever done or experienced any of the following…ready? Ok, let’s go! 



  • Obsessed over calories and avoided fat like the plague, only to have little to no success losing weight
  • Stood in front of the mirror after dinner admiring your food baby and thought “This is what I’ll look like as 6 months pregnant”
  • Bought a new sexy tank top, only to wear a sweater over it because you’re too embarrassed by the acne on your chest and back
  • Avoided eating because you were afraid that your meal may give you unpredictable bathroom issues and you thought it was best to just avoid any potential embarrassment
  • Went crazy when your doc put you on birth control to help you regain or “normalize” your period
  • Wanted to crawl under your desk at work for a George Costanza-style nap at 2pm every day
  • Heard a cookie call your name until you ate it…then you ate another one…and then another one…then sadly hid the empty package in the trash
  • Faced a potential relationship breakdown because you forgot to eat breakfast, and right now everyone and everything is feeling the wrath of your hangriness
  • Tried EVERY diet under the sun, only to feel frustrated by your results while friends and family who were on the same diet met and obliterated all of their weight goals. 

Ok, how many drinks did you take?

If my kombucha was alcoholic I’d be tipsy right now because I have literally done ALL of these things. If you’re like me, or even if you only drank once, and you’d like some love and support to improve your health, then you, my sista, are in the right place. 

  • Having a clear understanding of what foods make you feel AHHH-mazing, nourished, and full of energy.
  • Having control over cravings, and being able to say “no thanks, I’m good” to the foods that make you break out, bloat out, and stress out.
  • Feeling blissed out and able to cope with spontaneous moments of stress
  • Having a normal period, that comes on time, doesn’t hurt or make you crazy
  • Looking in the mirror and having an unshakeable love for the person and body looking back at you. (psst… this is mind work, not body work)
  • Having an arsenal of delicious meals and foods that you and your fam-jam will love, and that you can effortlessly incorporate into your busy day.
  • Having someone in your corner who you can laugh, scream or ugly cry with, and who will give you that no bullshit, kick-in-the-panties, real-talk that you need so you stay accountable and reach your goals
  • Getting practical, simple, how-to advice that you’ll actually follow, from someone who has been exactly where you are.



Whattup girl, I’m Aly.

I’m a silly, swearing, cat-loving girl who’s made friends with the fat kid inside of her and now strives to navigate this sugar-saturated world with a dash of humour, grace and a sense of adventure.  I work with women in their 30’s, who like you, are totally done with feeling overpowered by food, and instead want to be empowered by food.

I give them the tools to get clear on what their relationship with food is, while sprinkling in a little fun, flavour, and real talk. By working with me, my clients rediscover the joy of eating nourishing whole foods, revel in boundless energy, and fall back in love with themselves. They say goodbye to their scales, calorie counting, and food babies.


Vision Statement

My Vision

I imagine a world where everyone is brimming with love. What does this have to do with food you ask? EVERYTHING! You see, food is a catalyst for positive change. When you choose to nourish yourself with wholesome, clean, healthy foods, you are practicing the ultimate act of self-love. When you choose to use food to help correct imbalances in your body, you give yourself back your power over how you feel. When you feel awesome and full of energy, you are literally unstoppable. You will begin to make more and more positive changes in your life, and suddenly, you’ll realize that the dreams you had of a fulfilling, purposeful, adventurous life are entirely possible, and totally within your reach. Girl, it’s time for you to awaken your inner rockstar!

What’s my story and why do I care?

In late 2011 I met a photographer on a work trip who had some “strange” eating habits. On more than one occasion while on this trip I witnessed him ordering a meal that wasn’t on the menu like he was a fucking rockstar. “Steak, with a side order of prawns, no bread, and I’ll get a side salad with avocado and olive oil with balsamic vinegar.” As I ate my bacon cheese burger and fries, I stared enviously at his plate piled high with a juicy steak and mountain of green veg. On the last night of our trip I laid in bed in my hotel room, with my stomach hard as rock, making my pyjama bottoms feel a little too tight for comfort, and decided that tomorrow I would ask him what was up with his diet. That was the first I had heard the words Paleo Diet.

Fast forward a few weeks, and I rang in 2012 with my annual weigh-in. How many pounds do I need to lose this January? Oh man, I was weighing my heaviest ever. I decided to read up about the “Paleo Diet”, and quickly decided to make a 30-day go of it. Fast forward 11 days, I was doing great and eating pretty strict according to the tenets of Paleo. I decided I was doing so well, that I would just see if I was making any progress on the scale. When I stepped on the scale my jaw dropped when the number flashing at me showed I had lost 7 pounds! Fist pump!! Another week went by and my friends started to notice an obvious change in my demeanour too; I was less reactive, more mellow, and had a genuine overall happiness radiating from me. Suddenly 30 days were up, I did my final weigh-in and I had lost 11 pounds, my embarrassing adult acne had magically disappeared, and I was a more pleasant human to be around. All of this was achieved without counting a single calorie, and by eating more delicious food than I ever had before in my adult life.

This 30-day experiment ignited something within me. It was the first time that I had ever noticed food playing a significant role in my well-being. I started connecting the dots of my past traumas to my shitty eating behaviours. I knew that if I could feel this good after 30 days, that I needed to keep going, and I spent the next year and a half rocking my paleo-journey. Then in September 2013 I enrolled at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition with big dreams of becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and converting the world to paleo, one diet at a time. (I had a wakeup call coming to me!)

My year at school was incredibly enlightening, and extraordinarily challenging. I went into the program with a very dogmatic view about Paleo, looking to be validated by my teachers and fellow students, but I came out completely shaken awake to the reality that everyone is different, and we all have our unique dietary needs. There is truly no one-diet-fits-all solution. Working with my case study clients during my program I learned compassion, and how to meet my clients exactly where they were. I became their number one cheerleader, and found purpose in helping them stay accountable and achieve their goals – big and small!

This is why I do this work. It was my own journey that brought me here, and it’s your journey that keeps me here. I care so deeply about you and helping you redefine your personal definition of health. Life is too short to count calories and feel shitty about ourselves. Let this community guide you, and cultivate opportunities for growth and expansion so you can unleash that inner rockstar within you and conquer your life with confidence, purpose and a radical sense of adventure.

In case you’ve GOT to know more about me…

  • I am a crazy cat lady. No shame here, but I love me my kitty cats! I had my beloved companion Chlodizzle for almost 18 years and she taught me how awesome the love of a cat can be. I now volunteer with the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA) and foster cats in our home.
  • I ran with the Olympic torch. In 2010 Vancouver hosted the Winter Olympics, and Coca Cola hosted a contest to win a chance to run with the Olympic torch. I entered every day, wrote a poem and finally won the honour to run. It was the first time in my life I felt like a true rockstar!
  • I walk on my toes. “Aly put your heels down” was the phrase of my childhood. While I don’t do it as often anymore, every once in a while I get caught walking on my toes. I’m what the medical community calls an “idiopathic toe walker” but what it really means is that I have big, muscular calves, and wide feet which makes wearing cute shoes a problem.
  • I LOVE adventure and Travel. In my early 20’s I got bit by the travel bug…HARD! I ended up spending 14 months on the road, living and working in Australia, and then visiting New Zealand, Fiji, and 6 countries South East Asia. More recently, my partner and I have been exploring Canada, seeking out big mountains, quiet lakes and big animals in the wilderness.
  • I am a reality TV junkie. Ok, so this one’s a little harder to admit, but I love me some Survivor and Bachelor in Paradise. Seriously, one of my fav things is to curl up on the couch, tune into Survivor and knit. There may be a 65-year-old woman trapped inside of me.