A couple of months ago I was in the hot seat in my mastermind group talking about a health program that I wanted to put together for my business. Needless to say, the seat got hot. Like really hot. I was getting a ton of amazing feedback from this group of intelligent women, but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted to hear. I think part of the problem was that I was trying to get validation for an idea that I was manufacturing out of nothing, and not something I was creating from my own personal experience. The perfectionist in me was also trying to create everything perfectly, only for me to attempt to launch it to the world, and cross my fingers and hope that people liked it. Talk about risk…doing all the work upfront, with zero validation that the project would even be received well.

Then I had an amazing “ah-ha” moment when one of the ladies in the group said, “Just have fun with it.” Holy shit! FUN. At this point in my life, this F-word was not a part of my vernacular. I was stressed out, overwhelmed, and living my life completely out of balance. This simple 3 letter word, elicited something in me that completely changed my course of action in that moment.

I was also facing resistance in my work because I was focusing a lot on food. I was seeing that my work as a nutritionist was all about helping people dial in exactly what they should and shouldn’t eat. And while some nutritionists really get off on this, I wasn’t being fulfilled by nit-picking meal plans and food diaries. I had known it for a while, but this truth was percolating somewhere deep within, but hadn’t risen to the surface just yet. However, I was beginning to understand that the food piece, at times, is completely irrelevant, until you’ve taken care of your mind. The food is not the problem, it’s our mindset and beliefs that lead us astray when it comes to eating for our health.

Then there was the final missing piece. Last year I completed The Vision Program, at The New School for Inspired Work, and in my work with my mentor Kiley, I discovered and defined my life’s vision: I imagine a world where everyone is brimming with love. Yet, when I was looking at the work I was trying to do, nothing about teaching someone the difference between a carbohydrate and a protein screamed “love” to me. I decided to go back to my Vision work and look at my worksheets to reconnect with my vision. There it was plain as day… I need to explore health through the lens of love.

So here I am. I’m conducting one big, giant experiment. I’m embarking on a journey to discover what it means to truly love myself. To accept myself wholly, so that I can feel good about who I am, build confidence, and make good decisions every day to nourish this body and spirit that I love. 

Am I still a nutritionist and does food still matter? Absolutely! It’s all connected. I believe that when you feel good about yourself, and you love your body, you choose to feed her beautiful, nourishing foods. These foods can be nourishing in a million of ways, however, it’s no longer about calories, macronutrients, or restriction. There’s a shift, and food becomes about feeding one’s body and soul, so that it feels nourished, loved and taken care of, regardless of specifically goes in the mouth.


The Next 30 Days

Everyone loves a challenge right? One of my goals with my work is to work with women in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s to feel like their best damn selves so that they can experience the amazing milestones of life that happen during these memorable decades. For me, this challenge is timed perfectly with one of the most important days of my life – my wedding day. What better time to explore the concept of self love, than before I plan to stand before my partner, family and friends, and commit my love to someone else. 

My goal with this challenge is to explore the questions, stories, and old beliefs that have kept me in a cycle of body shame and restriction. I want to share these curious conversations with you in the event you want to join in and start your own journey with me. I’d love for this to be a co-creation project, where together we bounce ideas and share experiences, and fall in love with our bodies, our minds, and ourselves.

Every day my goal is to hop onto Periscope (@alyski) and to go through my day’s questions and lessons. I’d love for you to join me. I’ll also be on Instagram (@alyski) and Snap Chat (alylewis.rhn) sharing random things, meals, and discoveries along the way. 

I’m really hoping to bring FUN back into this process, so I hope you’ll join!

Starting with Why

I firmly believe that getting rooted in your purpose or why for any challenge, venture, or plan is incredibly important for sticking to the task and achieving your goals. 

I encourage you to sit down with a journal, and do a mind dump on a page, and answer the question: Why is loving your body important to you?

I did this exact thing this morning, and my big WHY is that I want my heart to be so full of love that it spills out into the world and inspires others. I also want to be able to stand before my partner on our wedding day and give him my best self in that moment. I want to love him completely, and I feel it’s important that I love myself completely first.

I’d love to know if you’re keen to come on this ride with me! Shoot me a comment below, or let’s connect on social! Like I said, I’ll be on Periscope every day figuring this all out, and I’d love for you to join me!