8-Week Program - Aly Lewis, R.H.N. Aly Lewis, RHN

8-Week Program


This package is right for you if… 

You are serious, committed and ready to turn your health around. Perhaps your doc has recently handed you a diagnosis, like an autoimmune condition. Or maybe you just have not felt as sexy or vibrant as you used to, and since you entered your 30’s your body’s been doing questionable things. Or maybe you just straight up don’t feel like yourself. Either way, if you’re not ready to accept that medication is your only solution, then this one’s for you.


What you’ll get:

  • Everything from the 4 week plan PLUS
    [link to 4 week package]…
  • You’ll feel completely understood in the way that an old friend knows your strengths, weaknesses, and motivations has got your back, 100%.
  • Meal ideas, recipes & flexibility. Choose from a selection of recipes using your own personal superfoods that you can choose from and form your own daily meal plans. Or, if you like being straight up told what to do, you can also opt for a more structured 7-day meal plan with enough variation to keep you from getting bored during all 8 weeks of your program.
  • If cooking all the time isn’t your jam, you’ll also get an Eating Out Guide so that your social life doesn’t have to end just because your naughty food habits are.
  • Email access to me between sessions for any pressing questions that have you blocked on taking the next step & making progress.
  • You’ll make practical easy changes every week, to help you reach your goals in a manageable way – forget feeling overwhelmed, we’ll take this one step at a time.

How you’ll reach your health goals:

  • One 90 minute coaching call over phone or skype
  • One 60 minute coaching call over phone or skype
  • Four 30 minute coaching calls over phone or skype
  • Health history, and lifestyle audit
  • Printable food journal to help you track your progress
  • Printable weekly meal planning and shopping guide
  • Weekly homework to keep you moving forward
  • Access to my favourite online healthy food resources
  • A structured 7-day meal plan, or meal suggestions and accompanying recipes, all personalized to fit your own unique dietary needs
  • Lifestyle recommendations and strategies for a holistic approach to elevating your health status
  • Access to my favourite online healthy food resources
  • Email support between sessions to get A’s to your Q’s
  • Therapeutic and maintenance supplement recommendations unique to you
  • A plan of action designed just for you
  • A person in your corner to cheer you on, keep you accountable, and share some laughs along the way.