Initial Consultation - Aly Lewis, R.H.N. Aly Lewis, RHN

Initial Consultation


This package is right for you if… 

You’re new to this whole healthy eating gig, and find it to be overwhelming and confusing. You’re looking for a safe place to start your health journey, but aren’t quite ready to commit to a full-blown plan. You’re ready to get some answers to your health Q’s, and some simple, personal recommendations that you can implement right now so you can start feeling like your true badass self.



What you’ll get:

  • Clarity around what foods you’re eating that are serving you, and which are holding you back from your health goals. Plus I’ll explain the big WHY behind each so you feel compelled to take action and make changes.
  • Understanding around how your lifestyle or past life events are affecting how you feel today.
  • Relief that someone understands exactly where you’re coming from regarding your frustrations around your health issues.
  • A’s to your burning healthy-eating Q’s.
  • The kick-in-the-panties you’ve been looking for to start implementing healthy changes today, so you can get closer to your goals tomorrow.

How you’ll reach your health goals:

  • 1 hour coaching call over phone or Skype
  • Recommendations and resources tailored to your health concerns (Sent to you after our session).
  • 1 Follow up email, to check in on progress and answer any questions that may have come up.