Personalized Meal Plan Add-On - Aly Lewis, R.H.N. Aly Lewis, RHN

Personalized Meal Plan Add-On


Add a personalized meal plan to any Initial Consultation or 4-Week program. You may also buy a custom meal plan if you've completed a program. I want you to get results, which is why I reserve my personalized meal plan services for existing clients. This means I can fully customize your plan to you based on your current health audit, and our discussion around your cooking skills, interest and available tools.  
Note: the 8-Week Program includes a customized 7-day meal plan.


Each meal plan includes:

  • Recipes customized to include ingredients specific to your dietary needs, macros, and goals.
  • 4 x breakfast recipes
  • 5 x lunch recipes
  • 7 x dinner recipes
  • 3 x snack and dessert recipes
  • Hints and tricks to help you with meal prep
  • Meal extender cues to let you know what recipes can work for multiple dishes throughout the week.
  • A handy shopping guide based on the ingredients in your 7-day plan.

Note, the 8-Week Full Meal Deal Program includes a 7-day meal plan.