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You remember her don’t you? Years ago, she had so much energy that afternoon naps were a luxury, not a necessity, and coffee was for lazy Sundays, not for survival. Time was spent with friends, not counting calories, and the only bags she had were for travelling, not those under her eyes. Pants fit her, confidence radiated from her, and food definitely did not rule her.

When did you stop feeling like YOU?

I’m here to tell you, it’s not your fault. You’ve been confused by diet rules, body shame, and the inevitable physiological changes that come with rocking your 30’s. I get it, I’ve been there too.

But enough’s enough. No more “fat days”, screw feeling crazy around food, and forget going another damn minute feeling like cat poop. Let’s jostle that unicorn inside of you awake and unleash your inner awesomeness. It’s time you take back your power over how you feel. 

Your glittery, sexy, vibrant, happy life starts today, not “when you’re 10lbs lighter”. So cast your excuses aside, it’s time to decide (ha that rhymes!)…

If you’re ready to ditch yo-yo dieting, redefine healthy living, and have a pee-your-pants good time, then right this way m’lady! 


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