Oh the holidays. They are so full of emotion, aren’t they? There’s joy, cheer, and merriment, but then there is also stress, fear, and anxiety. Sometimes it’s enough to add a few expletives to your daily speech. Today, I wanted to share with you some of the common F’words that you may struggle with around the holidays, and give you some tips or guidance so that you can have your most fabulous festivus yet!

So what are these F-words? A few of them are four-letter words, but I promise you none of them are swears. I’m talking about food, finances, and forgiveness. My goal is to give you some hot tips on how to navigate all three, so you can feel fabulous right into the new year!


F-word #1 for a Fabulous Festivus: Food

Let’s start with the biggie! Every single holiday event seems to revolve in some way or another around food. If you’ve been struggling with your relationship with food, or have been working really hard on reaching a goal that involves eating and health, then the holidays could definitely raise some big old fears. Here are some of the common ones I’ve heard from my clients:

“I’m afraid that I won’t be able to control myself and I’ll just eat all the things.”

“I want to be able to celebrate, but I don’t want to derail my progress.”

“I’ve been invited to a few parties and I don’t want to impose on the hosts to have to accommodate my diet.”

These are all valid points, and they’ve definitely crossed my mind before as well. I think we often approach food around the holidays as an all-or-nothing scenario, and we let our fears get the best of us. When in reality, there are logical, and reasonable approaches to addressing each of these fears. Let’s look at some:



Fear: “I won’t be able to control myself.”

If this is your biggest fear, I would spend some time reflecting on what your trigger foods are. If you can’t be left alone in front of the cheese platter but you have a dairy allergy, then step one is to recognize the trigger, and step two is to come up with a plan of action in case you get triggered. A few ideas to help you in the event you find yourself alone with a plate of cheese, or a box of cookies, or whatever your trigger food may be: